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Through empathy and understanding, we provide naturopathic care with a variety of techniques for all ages and presentations so you can get results naturally. You are unique and so your care will be as well. Virtually (online), in our office or at your home; we are here to help (please see below for more specifics). 


We regularly provide care for clients looking to boost and maintain their health naturally. Office, at-home workers, grandmas and grandpas, pregnant families, performance athletes, dancers and more have sought our care and advice on prevention for pain, migraines, energy levels, insomnia, weight management, facial rejuvenation, arthritis, allergies/ food sensitivities, colds/ flus, eczema, digestive problems, diabetes, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular conditions, infertility, etc.

Potential clients of our office who are a happy multicultural family that is playing together
Happy mother and daughter, who may be clients of ours


After a thorough initial consultation, we will determine and discuss with you which technique(s) will best assist you to achieve your personal healthcare goals. To aid in your assessment and care, we can run additional testing of your blood, urine, stool and specific organ function. Nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, Bowen therapy, therapeutic botox, prolotherapy, IV and IM therapy, hydrotherapy, supplements, as well as but not limited to, homeopathy are focuses and techniques utilized to help you heal, grow and be well. We not only want you to shine from within, but also outside. We offer aesthetic botox, fillers and aesthetic acupuncture with an approach for you to achieve the most natural looking beautiful you possible. For more specifics on each and to learn more, please call us and check out 

We have online-booking and insurance direct billing for your convenience. 

Dr Helena Zurekova, Naturopathic Doctor who Spending extra time with you discussing the cause of your Systemic or Beauty concerns, teaching you how to address your health by recommending health-promoting options, prevention and taking care of you inside and out with the help of:  Lab testing Specific to the cause of your concern (Food sensitivities, hormones - thyroid/female/male/stress, stool analysis, micronutrient testing, etc)  & Variety or Treatment approaches: Intravenous Nutrient Therapy/ IM Vitamin Shots Prolo/Neural Therapy Botox, Dermal Fillers, PRP, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Bowen therapy Homeopathy  Areas of special interest, but not limited to: Aesthetics Fertility/Pregnancy Digestive problems Immune system Pain Hormones

Dr Helena Zurekova


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