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Our fees vary for each practitioner and each type of visit/ care provided. See below for Office and X-rays fees, as well as complimentary chiropractic care.


Click here for our online booking page, which includes prices for the specific care you are interested in.

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If you or you know of any families who might be interested in free chiropractic care for kids with cancer, you are most welcome to get in touch. Drs Eugene, Bronwyn and Dana are members of the Chiropractic Cancer Foundation For Children (CCFFC), whose mission is to ensure that all children with cancer have access to free chiropractic care around the world. There is no money exchange for chiropractic care; therefore eliminating the stress of fees for parents and families.


Click here for more information about CCFFC, or click here to schedule your child a free chiropractic consultation.

Sectional:   $75

Combination:   $105

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